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If you want to make your own custom size Snap Frames, you can buy all the components you need from Gigantic Signs & Prints.
The pricing is based on 50 x lengths (top & bottom) - each length = 3000mm


50 x Top section (cover) extrusion = $6.62 / length + GST (mill finish)
Powder-coated is an extra $3.45 per length.
Note - I only stock 'black' powder-coated top sections..

If you have a special colour requirement, I can match any specific colour but there is a minimum charge of $450 for paint preparation and painting..'2 pack oven baked'.
50 x Bottom section (base, hinge & backing holder) extrusion = $8.43 / length + GST (mill finish - no other finish needed as it is not seen


Black injection moulded nylon composite corner sections = $98.50 + GST / 100
Bi-metal springs = $35.70 + GST / 100..minimun of 8 per frame.
A1 size frame = 12 springs
3mm MDF or Foamed PVC (Trivocel) is used for the backing board.
Clear cover sheets are 0.38 clear polycarbonate. Both the backing boards and cover sheets are best sourced from your local supplier.

Pricing does not include freight but does include packaging. We usually send gear stuffed inside lengths of PVC storm water pipe!

Note - for orders of less than 50 lengths of 'top' and 50 lengths of 'bottom', add 25% to pricing.






If you have any questions or queries about products and / or services offered by Gigantic Signs, Please feel free to Contact Us.




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