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Gigantic Signs POPAI Awards

Point-Of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) is the trade association
of the point-of-purchase (P-O-P) advertising industry dedicated to serving its
more than 1600 members by promoting, protecting and advancing the
industry's broader interests through research, education, trade shows and public
policy efforts.
For more information about POPAI contact International Headquarters USA
or head office for Australia & New Zealand


Members of POPAI subscribe to a set of Standards & Ethics.

Since 1959, POPAI Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) awards contest has been the premier award for recognizing the most innovative and effective in-store and at retail displays that lift sales and make products memorable and enticing to consumers.
Entries are judged by a prestigious panel of brand marketers, producers and retailer. The first round of judging is now done online, where judges review submitted images and case history forms. The second round of judging is done in person, where judges evaluate the actual displays to formulate a final score.
Scores are based on the display's ability to increase sales, obtain retail placements and work strategically to position the brand at the point of sale.
Generally, all competitions have two main categories - Permanent Display and Temporary Display, each with many subcategories based on product / service range. The North American awards also include the major categories of Multi-National (for companies based outside NA) and the category of Services, Signage and Sales Promotion
Winners in these sub-categories are awarded Gold, Silver & Bronze OMA  with special awards for Technical Merit awarded where warranted. It is important to note that a certain standard must be achieved for an award to be won. If a particular category has entries below standard, several or no awards might be won.
All OMA winning entries from all sub categories become eligible to vie for Display Of The Year in each of the main categories of Permanent Display, Temporary Display, Multi-National, (for companies based outside NA) and Services, Signage and Sales Promotion.
Over 1500 cutting-edge P-O-P displays vie each year for the coveted OMA awards with competitions now held all over the world. The largest and most prestigious are the POPAI OMA awards of North America. Other competition are held in Australia, Brazil, Japan, France & England, all usually coinciding with the local annual POPAI Exhibition, culminating in an awards presentation ceremony dinner.

Gigantic Signs POPAI Awards

award winner

Gigantic Signs has been instrumental in setting new standards for P.O.P. Our most successful project was the design and construction of floor display's for Orlando Wyndham and the product was 'Wild Turkey'.

This award winning display featured:


a central illuminated column to highlight the colour of the bottles on display
Illuminated section top and bottom
Sheet metal panels that were rusted through an accelerated process involving treatment with hydrochloric acid, salt and water.
Aluminium tubes in a format to resemble a cage
Tag line 'too good to keep cooped up'
A knock down format, shipped flat pack for client assembly
Fixing of display via 4 x tensioned 'wing nuts'
Recognized industry standards agree that POP displays responsible for an increase in sales by 15 - 20% are display that are worthy of note.
The Wild Turkey display was recognised as attributing a direct increase in sales by over 200% in outlets where it was displayed.
Major International  Awards  include:

POPAI  (North America) Permanent Display Of The Year - San Francisco
Global POP Award - Chicago
Gold OMA Outstanding Merchandising Achievement in category Beverages Liquor Illuminated &/or Motion  - New York
Gold OMA Best Of Industry - Technical Merit - New York
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