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Temporary P.O.P. Displays


Temporary P.O.P. displays
are just that…..  temporary! They are deployed for the more short term promotion ranging from several days to a few weeks. Such displays might be utilized to coincide with the promotion of seasonal activities like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Special Sales periods like End of Year” and End of Season.

They can be used for promoting activities, events and products, creating an all over retail climate that may well feed back to a ‘permanent’ display, product bins or store areas dedicated to the product being promoted.

They usually take the form of a lightweight printed board and deployed flat in a hanging situation of may well be die-cut to enable it to be freestanding. Though not normally made to vend products, some are now tending that way given the availability if more rigid, formable and inexpensive board products.

Materials used might include cellulose card board, flute board, plastic core flute, Styrofoam, HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene) etc.

Processes might include offset, screen or digital printing of the above mentioned materials that might then be die cut and folded to shape.






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