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Permanent P.O.P. Displays


In very basic terms, Permanent POP Displays are deployed in the retail environment for a period of (generally) 3 – 12 months, though depending on the product / service and outlet, may well exceed this period.

Permanent Displays are used for a new product launches where the item has been created from new or used for the launch of  re-branded product that might feature a new label, bottle or pack configuration.

These displays normally quite large, actually hold / vend product and are constructed from more solid and substantial materials than the ‘temporary’ display. Processes involved in creating a permanent display are also likely to be more involved and extensive than a temporary display.

It would not be uncommon for a permanent display to be constructed from solid timber or MDF board, steel, aluminium, glass and composite panels.

Converting processes might include laser, routing, water jet or CNC cutting methods, and vacuum forming to name a few.

Finishing processes might include chrome plating, powder coating, plastic coating, two pack painting and the like.

The introduction of electronic kiosks, plasma and LCD screens for product information is a rapidly growing sector in the Permanent Display market.







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