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LED Signage Products


There is a huge variety of LED Modules, Controllers, Power Supplies, Ribbons, Flex-Lights etc available for various signage applications. For simplicity, we are only displaying some of the products we use which will give you a good indication of the products available. Many of the low voltage (12V) products we use in our day to day manufacture of illuminated signs, are sourced direct from LED sign Supplies.


LED Module Series
Gigantic Ribbon LED Strip
LED Strip
  • Each strip supplied in 5m lengths on reel as shown.
  • Strip width 7mm - (solid colour) Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow
  • Strip width 12mm - (Multi colour programmable)  RGB
  • Adhesive (3M  200MP) backing film
  • Operating temperature -25degrees C - +60degrees C
  • Sections at 50mm cut points.
  • Ideal for halo lighting of simple and complex shapes, letters, reception signs etc.

NOTE - this product is NOT waterproof and is sensitive to high humidity.

Gigantic LED 4X Module
LED Module 4X
  • Each module has 4 high intensity LED light sources
  • Each are pre-wired and pre-spaced ready for application.
  • Modules are fitted with 3M double sided foam tape
  • Colours available in Red, Blue, Pure White, Green, Yellow, Amber and programmable multicolour RGB
  • Aluminium resin filled module housing measures 35mm x 35mm x 3mm
  • Ideal distance from sign face = 120mm+
  • Number of modules per chain = 30
  • Length of chain = 2350mm
  • Voltage = 12V
  • Watts per module = 0.48W
  • Watts per chain of 30 modules = 14.4W
LED Controller Series
Gigantic LED DMX512 Controller (with Remote Device)
  • DMX512 controller is a full-color LED control system,it comprises scene-edit software , DMX512 Controller and DMX512 Driver.
  • Applicable for architecture decoration. With scene-edit software,designer can design the lighting effect conveniently and efficiently by computer, then load the effect to controller,the lights will change as expected .
    This control system can fulfill 256 grey levels for each R,G,B color,totally 16.77 million color, real full-color.
LED RGB Controller ( with Remote Device )
  • 1. This product with one RF Remote Control can control all of our four wires RGB Series products. It is so elegant due to the ABS Engineering Plastic Housing. There are 6 buttons on the surface of the controller to modulate the mode, speed and the brightness of the color changing. It is applicable for both 12VDC and 24VDC according to the voltage of its controlled lights.
    2. It adopts RF mode, and the remote distance can be far to 30M . There are four buttons on the Remote Controller: Mode, Pause, Speed+ and Speed -.
    3. Power Output: 3 channels for RGB Control, each channel is 5 A ( Max), The power is 180W if connect 12VDC RGB products. And the power is 240W if connect 24VDC RGB products.
    4. It can realize the whole color changing, color jumping, etc. and the color can be paused at any time. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted in the following range 0-100%. The speed of color change is adjustable in 16 levels by two buttons on the panel.
    5. It can be widely used for lighting project, business place, airport, subway, bridge, etc.

    There is another economical choice for this controller without remote control.

LED Power Supply Series
LED Waterproof Transformer 150W(DC12V/24V)
  • This transformer comes with 4 x pair of output leads to help share load and make connection easier.

    A 60W waterproof transformer is also available.

LED Waterproof Transformer 30W(DC12V/24V)
Power 30w
  • This transformer comes with 4 x pair of output leads to help share load and make connection easier.





If you have any questions or queries about products and / or services offered by Gigantic Signs, Please feel free to Contact Us.