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LED - Other Products


There is a huge variety of LED lighting Products available for various applications. This section allows you to get an idea of the variety of LED products available. For information about other LED sign lighting products, visit LED sign supplies.


LED Floodlight Series
LED Square Floodlight Single Color
LED Floodlight
  • 1. Square Floodlight adopts 1W high power LED as its luminous body, which is of high brightness, stable performance with low power consumption, little heat diffusing and long longevity.
    2. Input voltage is 110VAC or 220VAC. High efficient and wide voltage constant current driver keeps stable current of the product.
    3. With aluminium housing and 5mm high transparent toughened glass surface, it can achieve protection class IP66. Special aluminium radiator on both sides and aluminium base were contacted closely which shorten the path of heat-sinking to ensure longer life of the product.
    4. Ventilation condition is needed for the application .If in unventilated condition, heat-sinking device should be used. This product can be installed very conveniently by matched aluminium mounting base and the light direction can be adjusted at will.
    5. Working temperature: -20°C~ +40°C
    6. Available color: White, Warm White.
    7. Beaming angle: 30°
    8. Power consumption: 22W/PC(18*1W ), 44W/PC(36*1W)
    9. Packing: Carton
    10. This product can be widely used for partial lighting, indirect lighting, spot and flood lighting, etc.
LED Fluorescent Tube Series

Gigantic LED Fluorescent tubes are available in both 1200mm (4€) and 600mm (2€) sizes. Unlike the traditional cold cathode fluorescent tubes, LED tube require no ballast, no starter or capacitors. Gigantic LED Fluorescent tubes are direct wired to 240volt supply. Existing installations can be "retro fitted" by any qualified electrical contractor. Gigantic LED Fluorescent tubes have the added function of being dimmable.

Gigantic LED Flurotube
  • • Part No: V-RT860;      
    • Power: 8W;
    • Luminous flux: over 800 LM;
    • LED Qty: 174PCS;
    • Voltage: 110-130V/ 200-240V;
    • Dimension: D30x L600mm;
    • Lifespan:50,000hrs;
    • Color: 3000-3500K(Warm white); 4000-4500K (Daylight white); 6000-6500K(Cool white).

LED Downlight Series
LED Downlight( 6*1W)
  • 1. Housing: Aluminium material with white outer surface, good heat conduction.
    2.LED Source : 6pcs 1W high power LED from Nichia, 80-90LM per LED, white and warm white color are available.
    3Reflector: white color,beaming angel:90°.
    4.Panel: Made from transparent plexiglass. Light transmittance can be over 93%.
    5.Input Voltage:90VAC-256VAC. High efficient and wide voltage constant current driver keeps stable current of the product.
    6.Working Temperature: -20°C~ +40°C
    7.Life time:40,000 hours (brightness maintenance rate 70%)
    8.Color temperature:5000K(white),2800K(warm white)
    9.Color Rendering Index: 78RA (5000K), 84RA (2800K)
    11.Package: White Box
    12.This product works as an replacement of traditional downlight. It can be widely used for hotel, restaurant ,commercial & home lighting etc.
    13.Notes: 1)This product can not realize dimmer effect.2) The thickness of ceiling material should be 5-25mm . 3) No sundries around, no cover on the downlight due to heat sinking concern.





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