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Below you can view our range of Electronic Illuminated Signage


Gigantic Signs “Indoor Electronic Message Centres
  • An ideal solution to notify employees, and customers of real time data and current specials.  Indoor electronic signs have become an important vehicle for communications for all industries – manufacture, service, wholesale and retail. 

    Real time promotion of products in the retail environment is seeing rapid and dynamic deployment of LED electronic displays. The obvious selling impact of LED electronic  Point Of Purchase  (POP) displays generates added sales of product and a stronger bottom-line to retailers who use them.

    New technologies relating to type of actual display presentation, opens up a whole new field where LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens and PLASMA screens are prevalent especially indoor as screen sizes are still orientated toward close view as distinct from the more ‘pixelated’ LED displays that are viewed from much greater distances and primarily used in outdoor visual display applications

Linear LED Displays
  • Over the past 15 or so years, have matured and become much more sophisticated in manufacture and application. Original running and scrolling red LED signs have progressed to multi-coloured, fully programmable multi-lined displays with image generation. They are can be built to almost any size and shape.
Spherical LED displays
  • Using ‘after-image’ technology emerged on the market in the late 1990’s.  Early spherical products were the ‘Magic Ball’ and ‘Ad Ball’. They cut new ground with its red or green LED displays and were forerunners to 360 degree LED displays. A later entrant of the spherical LED display, was the “space-writer” and ‘ball’. Lacking in ease of programming and limited support from the manufacturer, it soon went the same way as the AdBall and MagicBall………. Currently out of production
Disc LED displays
  • Called  ‘Wallscreen’ also worked on the ‘after image’ principle via a high speed rotating arm in a flat plain. Though never fully developed to become a truly valued source of promotion, it did serve to demonstrate what could be done with after image techniques. Currently out of production
FanScreen LED displays
  • Operates as a ceiling fan with LEDs ‘blinking’ as the fan rotates. FanScreen works by persistence of vision. As FanScreen LED vane spins, a displays of up to 255,000 virtual pixels is produced, allowing images, animations and text to be displayed. Currently out of production

SignLine LED displays
  • Where yet another similar LED display using after image or ‘persistence of vision’ where images and text are output column by column on SignLine's single vertical line of 85 LEDs. As the observer moves, images and text appear to come from nowhere and float in mid air.
Cylindrical LED displays
  • On both small scale counter top size through to larger scale, free standing floor displays, entered the marketplace in the every early 2000’s. Small counter top or bracketed ‘iCan’ displays came close to producing ‘almost’ video-like reproduction. It was a much more sophisticated 360 degree viewed product than it predecessors.  Large freestanding floor units were very eye-catching, but with all products with high components traveling at high speed, there are problems. If the huge initial cost was not going to prevent the rapid deployment, the high maintenance costs ensured a short lived exposure.
    The three-foot-high iCan pods (pictured) are based on advanced LED technology. When tri-colour LEDs are rotated at a certain speed, the device generates “virtual pixels”. This creates a full-colour cylindrical screen 300mm in diameter and 500mm high, capable of displaying video content. Each unit also functions as a POS device, with an attached rack to hold copies of the Daily Mail.

    The screens are updated via wireless broadband and powered by PC technology with centralised control over ICA's c360tv network. Web-based software developed in-house by ICA allows different content to be displayed on each unit, with support for a range of file formats (including MPEG, SWF, JPEG, GIF and TIFF).
Gigantic “outdoor electronic signs and message centers”
  • Are more in demand, to meet notification and advertisement demands than ever before!  Since the invention of the light bulb, outdoor signs have grown into a huge advertisement and notification medium for commercial businesses and industrial facilities, schools, stadiums, and arenas. 

    LED's, (light emitting diodes) have replaced incandescent lights, (light bulbs) in digital message centers, digital timers, digital clocks, Scoreboards and now Video products.  LED's require less power; have greater longevity, better viewing quality, and viewing angles.  LED's have become, "Standard of the industry", and have proven to be a reliable and worthy proponent for our industry.

  • If you have a need for a unique or standard product, custom display, timer, counter, clock, scoreboard or sign, please give us a call.  We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.  All Gigantic Digital Products and scoreboards come standard with a 5 year warranty.  Indoor and outdoor message centers come with a 1 year warranty.  We offer onsite maintenance contracts, warranty service and overnight shipment of parts as required.





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