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Our Banner Printing Services

Colourful Vinyl Banners are manufactured at Gigantic Signs using state-of-the-art 'large format digital printing machines'. Only the highest quality solvent inks are used in our printing processes.

Digital printed banners are available in absolutely any size from small fence banners to banner prints large enough to cover a building!

All banners are finished and supplied to you the most appropriate way to best suit your installation needs. We vigorously promote the correct finishing methods to enable you banner to be displayed in the best possible fashion. We can finish with any combination of edging, eyelets, ropes, sail track and special tension fixings.

Indoor and Outdoor Banners are available with printing on a range of fabrics to best suit your application. Please let us know what your banner application is so we can advise on the fabric and installation method to best suit your specific needs.


Gigantic Signs has can produce high quality indoor and outdoor banners on any one of many in-house large format digital printing machines.


Selection of print machine is based on the application, print resolution and size of the banner. Whatever the case, we can produce what you need regardless of size and print resolution.


The range of materials available is vast and selected to best suit your needs. Whether you need a temporary short term indoor banner or a permanent longer term outdoor heavy duty banner, there is a material for you.


Size?............. No limitations! We produce anything from small, light weight pop-up displays right through to large heavy duty vinyl banners and vinyl banner wraps for buildings!




Artwork can be created through our in-house design department or you can create your own files and supply to us via email, FTP, CD or USB memory stick. To see our artwork file requirements click on this link. Artwork Specifications

PMS Colour range – to assist with colour selection, you can nominate colours by ‘number’ as they appear in the PMS Colour range

Banner finish / Installation

All vinyl banners need to be displayed properly. It is absolutely imperative that you understand what options are available to you. It is very rare that a banner finished with just ropes and eyelets can be installed looking half decent! How often have you seen banners collapse in a heap because the rope have given way, eyelet have torn or pulled out or supporting poles simply caved in to the pressure exerted on the banner from wind?


At Gigantic Signs, most banners we produce allow for rigid poles to be inserted in ‘pockets’ both at top and bottom of the banner. These poles allow for a multitude of hanging options that always display the banner without ‘stress’ wrinkles, distributing the tension evenly across the banner.


Sail Track is often used for banner mounting to walls and is the accepted norm for mounting to large billboards. “Kedar” rope is welded to the banner edge and forms a very neat and secure fixing.



Westfield Sign



Sail track can also be incorporated into large fixings where it is tek screw fixed to long lengths of Duragal or aluminium extrusions. Adjustable shackles on the bottom of the banner will enable the banner to be tensioned and also removed easily when the time comes. This method is great when used for large wall applications or ‘building wraps”


Booby Trap Building Wrap



Stepping Stone SA Banner


When mounting banners to cyclone wire fences eyelets only can be used. The required tension can be gained for the banner to be wrinkle free. The recommended spacing between eyelets is 500mm. Fixings are best achieved using heavy duty plastic ‘electrical ties’. These are available at most large hardware outlets and electrical supply shops.


Wind ‘holes’ in large banners are required when the banner is exposed to wind on both sides. A banner is like a large ‘sail’ in the wind and can generate huge pressure and tension on banner fixtures and fittings. Best to cut “V” or “U” shapes in the banner so when there is no wind, the ‘flap’ is left down to expose the image on the banner. The V or U cut is preferred to a small cut-out hole.


Due to the high pressures exerted around these holes, it if best to round off any sharp cuts in the vinyl fabric to help disperse this pressure and minimize the possibility of the vinyl tearing further along the cut.


Remember, you pay good money for your banner to promote your product, service or event. Make sure you are able to present it to the public in the best way possible – flat and wrinkle free. Don’t accept eyelets and ropes as the ‘only’ option!


You don’t want your banner to look like this!  - Let us know where your banner is to be secured so we can suggest the best fixing method.                            Plan ahead so we can build in the right fixings.


Example of how not to hang a banner










If you have any questions or queries about products and / or services offered by Gigantic Signs, Please feel free to Contact Us.




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